Whey Isolate/Hydrolysate

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15 Flavors:

Chocolate Fudge
Vanilla Creme
Lightly Salted Caramel
Strawberries & Creme
Cookies & Creme
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Apple Cinnamon
Orange Dreamsicle
Cafe Mocha
Mint Chocolate Chip
Red Velvet
Vanilla Butter Cake
Frozen Banana
White Chocolate Raspberry
Fruity Cereal

4 Sizes:

16 Servings / 1 lb
38 Servings / 2.5 lb
76 Servings / 5 lb
152 Servings / 10 lb


Whey Isolate/Hydrolysate Formula

Our flagship protein is made with super-pure 100% whey isolate, fast-acting whey hydrolysate, and virtually nothing else. We’ve completely omitted the use of whey concentrates as well as creamers, gums, amino spiking, and other fillers that dilute what you really came for – protein. The result is an industry leading Protein Purity Percentage (PPP) of up to 87%. ^ R1 Protein is protein with a capital-P.

  • ZERO sugar
  • ZERO fat
  • ZERO gluten
  • ZERO gums
  • ZERO creamers
  • ZERO fillers
  • ZERO artificial preservatives
  • ZERO amino or banned substance spiking


Whey Isolate/Hydrolysate Formula

  • 25 g fast-acting protein*
  • 100% of protein from whey isolates & hydrolysates – no whey concentrates!
  • 6+ g BCAAs*
  • Fully instantized to mix easily with a spoon or shaker cup
  • Carefully blended and packaged in a GMP facility in the USA

^PPP varies by flavor and is calculated as protein per serving (g) / serving size (g) x 100. * Per serving. * Amino acids are naturally occurring and approximated.


Add one (1) scoop of R1 Protein powder to one (1) cup *8oz) of cold water. Stir or blend until smooth

Allergen Information

Contains Milk and Soy (lecithin).

*Cookies & Creme Flavor: Contains Milk, Soy and Wheat

Chocolate Fudge
Orange Dreamsicle
Cookies and Creme
Lightly Salted Caramel
Red Velvet
Strawberry Nutrition
Vanilla Butter Cake
Vanilla Creme

Customer Reviews

Based on 137 reviews
Fruity Cereal

all i have to say is WOW!! they really hit this one out of the ballpark with this flavor. i personally stopped taking protein supplements for a few months because i couldnt stomach the taste. i have been very disappointed in the past after trying MANY different brands and Rule 1 has really impressed me! it mixes very well, leaving no chunks at the bottom of your cup and the flavor tastes exactly like fruity cereal. there is no chalky taste unlike other brands. 1000% recommend!

Very nice

Salted caramel flavor has a light good taste close to vanilla but a hint of caramel

Perfect for Competition Prep

The macros for the R1 Protein are unreal and perfect for when I’m in competition prep. When I need a sweet treat I mix it up with some water/ice and freeze for a sweet treat. Doesn’t matter the flavor they are ALL wonderful. Thumbs up!

Orange Dreamsicle lives up to the name

Alright so I have literally never felt the need to review any type of protein powder before because the majority of them are pretty mediocre. With that being said, oh my goodness this new Orange Dreamsicle flavor is crazy. Just had my first scoop of it with some oat milk and it blew me away how authentic this flavor tastes to a real orange creamsicle. 10/10 would recommend to anybody who’s looking for a protein powder with solid ingredients, doesn’t give you the “protein farts”, and tastes good enough to the point where you can drink it everyday and not feel like it’s a chore. Hats off to the guys over at Rule One for this!

Flavor Review

I love this protein - I have IBS and a lot of protein brands make me sick. I absolutely love this whey isolate/hydrolsate protein and have no digestion issues. I love fruity cereal! That was my first flavor and I decided to try others. I will say this - it is not a good protein to cook with. I have attempted and preferred a diff. protein.

Here are my favorite flavors: Fruity Cereal, Strawberries and Creme, Cafe Mocha, Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate Peanut Butter (lacking something but we would rank this towards the middle of the list.

Least Favorites: Frozen Banana (if you like BANANA RUNT CANDY then this is for you!), Apple Cinnamon (Tastes like Apple Cider with Whipped creme in it, so if you like that then this is for you! ), Cookies and Creme (the flavor is lacking greatly. I expected more my boyfriend and I both feel like this is on the bottom of the list)

*Tip: If you make overnight oats with banana and some Peanut Butter powder - tastes like banana bread. And the apple cinnamon taste great in oats as well! Cafe Mocha is great with coffee!!

I think this Protein Mixes very well. And we will keep trying other flavors. When we have tried all the flavors on this protein we will definitely rank them in another review or update this one.

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