Interested in joining the team? Rule One Proteins is one of the fastest growing supplement companies on the market today due to our highest of quality products, banned substance fee and transparent formulas. We are looking for athletes that have these same values as well as look to inspire, motivate and educate other fitness enthusiasts. Athletes must be 18 years of age or older, a current competitor and active on social media. Athletes will have multiple opportunities to participate in demos, photoshoots and major events as well as have a personal coupon code to earn cash back rewards on our website. Simply sign up as an athlete to start representing your favorite brand.



  • Welcome Kit & Sampling

Upon acceptance of the R1 Athlete Program, all participants will receive an onboarding welcome kit. This will provide the opportunity for athletes to support brand apparel and try a variety of the product selection. Rule One will also send out samples of the latest product and apparel when launched.

  • Monthly Product Allowance

At the start of each month athletes will be provided with a monthly product allowance at ruleoneproteins.com. This will include all products, apparel and accessories. Athletes will also have the opportunity to increase monthly product allowance through varies promotions within the program.

  • Monthly Compensation

Athletes may be eligible for monthly compensation depending on athlete program tier awarded. Throughout the program, additional awards or compensation will be given to top performing athletes and competition placements.

  • Brand & Product Demos

Promotional demos will be scheduled/posted by Rule One Proteins and available on a first come basis. Athletes are required to have proper product knowledge of the brand and product selection. Compensation will be for a minimum of 2 hours and maximum for 4 hours per demo. All promotion items and samples will be provided by Rule One.

  • Website Sales Incentive

Athletes will be provided with a customized link and discount code for ruleoneproteins.com. Athletes will receive a cash kickback for total sales used with their link/discount code. Rule One will provide an affiliate portal where details of sales progress will be provided.

  • Major Events & Tradeshows

Rule One will select top performing athletes to work booth exhibits at major tradeshows and events (Mr. Olympia, Arnold Fitness Expo, LA Fitness Expo, Miami Nationals, etc.) Compensation will be paid to each athlete and travel expenses will be reimbursed.

  • Social Media

All athletes are required to have active social media accounts. Rule One requests a satisfactory level of posting and blogging brand/product content to continue marketing awareness. Athletes may use any Rule One social media content as they wish.

  • Photography & Videography

Athletes are welcome and encouraged to submit fitness photography and videography which is not copyrighted. Rule One will use provided materials for marketing purposes including, but not limited to website design, print/digital advertising, POS items and social media. Rule One will also select athletes to participate in company photo shoots. Athletes will be compensated depending on length of photo shoot and travel will be reimbursed. All athletes are required to sign a Publicity Waiver and Release form.



  • Strong Social Media Presence
  • Great Networking Skills
  • Knowledge of the fitness industry and supplements
  • Involved in the fitness community