Welcome To The Team Tavi Castro & Yanita Yancheva

Two Global Fitness Rulers Now at Rule 1


Whether they’re flexing in an ice cave in Banff, DJ’ing a set in Bangkok, or working out in South Beach, Tavi and Yanita bring style backed by substance. And now they are bringing their global swagger to RULE1.

Tavi Castro

Aerospace Engineer. Bodybuilding World Champion. Entrepreneur. Artist.

And now, @RULEONEPROTEINS Athlete.

Welcome to the RULE1 team @TaviCastro – let’s keep making history.

Tavi Castro @tavicastro

Yanita Yancheva

What do you get when you combine a fitness expert, with a world-class designer, with an international social influencer? You get @YanitaYancheva – and the newest athlete to join the @RuleOneProteins team.

Welcome to the RULE1 crew Yanita, we’re pumped!


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